Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sen no Kiseki 3 Platinum Get

Difficulty: Normal
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This will be hard for those who are new to the series. But if you can plat sen 1, sen 2 or those evo games, this will be easier than you expect. The most 'intensive' trophy in all kiseki games if you miss something during playthrough, you literally messed up since it's missable. Sen 1 was hard due to RNG Knight Battle, in sen 2 you can missed treasure chest easily. And in sen 3 you fight with the bug and pray the game won't freeze. Battle Note trophy was last for me this time, because i paid little attention to it and messed up a run, i decide to run another playthrough on very easy mode just to get to the missing monster.

  • Patch 1.03: There's a bug in NG+ that prevent you from getting all master quartz trophy. but if you can get all MQ during 1st playthrough it should be no problem. You can wait for Falcom to release patch for it later or continue read for how to get it.
  • About the Bug: The bug is Emma's MQ: Titania. When she joined at chapter 2, her master quartz doesn't have "Ex" like any other guest character should have, and later when she leave the party the MQ are lost, her master quartz get replaced with something else when she joins again. This will cause 'permanent' lost to Emma's Master Quartz
  • Work arround to trick out this Bug: at NG+, before you meet Emma for the first time, have Rean equip her MQ, Titania on Main MQ slot. This will make Emma come with Rean's MQ Kagutsuchi. You will have to lose Kagutsuchi in purpose here, and run through the game and clear it. Start the game again, and Kagutsuchi should be in your inventory makes you get all master quartz together. Trophy should pop up.

UPDATE Oct, 26: As off Patch 1.04, the bug have been fixed

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sen no Kiseki 3 Playthrough

Got it digital ver. at first i want to get KISEKI BOX limited edition but due to financial strict, i decide to let it go this time. Playthrough gonna be slow-progress due to work stuff, render time and upload speed.

Status: Completed


Digital Manual↓

Mini OST Playlist↓

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aura Kingdom - Time Library 7F ~ 9F (Wizard)

lol yeah, back to this game again.. still has same gear from the last Shinobi video, i manage to get 45% Ice skill eidolon after coming back to this game but only manage to record it by now. Originally intended to record it when i get full Lords set but that cost too much for in-active person like me, so i'll just do with current gear.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sen no Kiseki PC Playthrough

This is somewhat un-planned, because originally i don't want to support XSEED, but seeing it has Japanese text and Voice-over can be replaced, i'll take this oppotunity to do Sen 1 run again since my old playthrough are now gone along with Evo channel. 60fps really boost my interest to play this again, and it's actually a nice PC port on technical meaning. Still love to keep archive of Falcom games as much as possible, but let's see if i can finish it or not

PC ver./60fps
Status: Completed


Sen 1 Drama CD can be found here↓

Monday, July 24, 2017

FF XIV - Omega Deltascape v2.0 Savage (RDM POV)

1st clear. Compare to v1.0 savage, this is where mechanic difficulty start to spike a bit, took me almost 4 days to clear, but at least i managed to clear it on release week just before weekly reset

Thursday, July 20, 2017

FF XIV - Omega Deltascape v1.0 Savage (RDM POV)

My 1st clear on Deltascape v1.0 Savage difficulty. This kinda easy compared to previous raid-tier, but took me 2 days to clear since i'm running with duty finder, not a static group. Still need to learn more on how to Red Mage because my low DPS

Funny RDM fiesta on early practice of the run↓