Sunday, March 3, 2019

FF14 - Baldesion Arsenal (Proto Ozma) 1st Clear


got disconnected from server shortly after first black hole, was extremely lucky clear

Friday, February 8, 2019

Changes to Playthrough Uploads

As off today, i've decided to stop uploading playthrough since it takes so much work to do like video rendering time and upload time due to length of videos, preserve quality, and file size. Not to mention with all that 'trouble' and 'limitation' i have, it's been less-rewarding as off lately.

As things goes forward, Live Streaming is more popular than video playthrough nowdays (well at least on my opinions and research, don't @ me on this) but my current situation won't allow me to stream contents (at least for now).

So i'll go back to uploading short videos like specific scene, important scene and boss battles from now on.

Thank you for your support all this time, and hopefully you can continue support me

m(_ _)m